Here is a collection of different videos made to promote camp, photos to share on social media, and ways to show others what camp is like.

Join us for our next Night of Worship!  We try to gather throughout the year to help people get a chance to see what camp is like.  We will be hosting our next one at Westerville Christian Church on April 15th, 5pm-7pm.

Night of worShip

Our upcoming ReachOut Winter Retreat is happening February 2-4, 2018 at Camp Zimmerman! Cost will be $50 per person.  Contact Ashley Mills at or Chasity Opphile at for more information. You can save this image to share on social media:


The seven teens who make up the 2017 Planning Committee share why Reachout is important to them.

This is a video from our last Night of Worship! We host these events multiple times throughout the year for our youth groups to connect outside of the week of camp as well.

This is a video that our staff made setting up the worship stage before camp began this past year:

During Wednesday night of camp, we usually do some sort of celebration in honor of returning from our mission trip.  This year we had a hoedown with games and dancing! Here is a video of a “dance-off” that took place with one of our staff members and one of our campers:

This was a promo made that is a collection of photos and videos from past camp years:

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